New Patient Center

 Your First Visit

Upon arriving at our office, you will be greeted by the staff and will be invited to sign in and complete a medical history form.

We recommend you come 15 minutes early to start paperwork, or if you prefer, download the required forms.

The doctor will conduct a consultation with you to discuss the reasons for your visit, whether you have a specific problem or if you’re here for wellness care.

Following the consultation, a complete neurological, orthopedic and chiropractic exam will be performed. The doctor will see how far you can bend and twist, how fast your reflexes are, test your blood pressure, and use other examination methods to assess your overall health.

The doctor will then determine whether or not x-rays are necessary. If they are necessary, the doctor will take a minimal amount of x-rays using the newest techniques and equipment to minimize x-ray exposure.

Finally, the doctor will review the findings of your examination and the x-rays (if taken) and will determine what treatment plan is most appropriate for you. The treatment may include muscle work, chiropractic adjustments, instruction in rehabilitative exercises, or electrical muscle stimulation.

As the doctor discusses your treatment options, feel free to ask whatever questions you may have. You will never be rushed and the doctor will always take whatever time is necessary to explain treatment options to ensure you understand the best pathway to improved health.

 Download and Print Forms

Patient Registration (PDF)
 |    Required registration form for new patients.

Patient Health Questionairre (PDF)
 |    Required evaluation form - Inform us of your current health.

Back Index (PDF)
 |    This questionnaire will provide information about how your back condition affects your everyday life.

Neck Index (PDF)
 |    This questionnaire will provide information about how your neck condition affects your everyday life.

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